Dream – Reality 

The last time when I sat in the bus driving home from school. I thought about dreams and realities

Is our reality just a dream?.


Is our dream just a reality?.

Most of the time when we dream of something it feels real.               Special situation just feel like your dream but it’s real.

How can we know when all of this is just a dream or reality. How?


3 thoughts on “Dream – Reality ”

  1. Hmm, the difference is quite clear here, what did you call it? Dream and reality right? Dream is as imagination; you’re thinking of particular thing you want to achieve and probably when you sleep you will still see it, but when you wake it disappears. But reality can never be misinterpreted, it is what you have already achieved and you’re seeing it. So the difference is still clear my dear….


      1. You’re welcome, initially I wanted to write a post on dreams, but I was waiting for the right time. But now this your question prompted me to start writing the post, so stay connected so that you can read what am about to write on dreams…


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