Change is difficult for some.

Nobody wants to admit that when somebody changes it can destroy life’s and people’s.

There is ONE rule: Never try to change a person because when the person change you maybe don’t like the result and you will live with that guilt that you destroyed the person.

But sometimes change can be something good and beautiful.

But you never know which one it’s going to be until it’s to late.



Life forces you to make decisions. 

If you regret any of your decisions you basically regret yourself because you made that decision

You can’t let others influence you because it’s your life and you are the one who has to live with it.

You can learn from all your decision. It doesn’t matter whether you made the wrong or right decision.

But what ever you decide you have to be happy with it. 


Love comes in different ways.

 If you ask people on the street “what does LOVE means to you” every single one would describe love different. Some people would say it’s the best thing in this world and others would say it’s just cruel. But everybody would agree in one thing. To be loved is a great feeling.

Remember you are loved.


Like I already mentioned I used to have another name. But I wanted a fresh start. That means new name. I didn’t know it’s so hard to think of a new name. It took me about one month or so. So I finally ask my family to think about a name but that was a disaster. They constantly forgot about it. One day after school I stayed at a mall. I eat a chocolate (I think it was chocolate) ice cream. *Sitting in a mall and staring at my phone*. It hit me like a stroke the name “theimmortalme”. I was so happy because it kinda suits my personality. But like expected the name didn’t work. I tried everything to make the name work. It took me two to four days to think about another name. My mom suggested so many names that I should take but I permanently said no to every single one. And finally I thought about a new name again “thatimmortalgirl”. I was so happy because I tried so hard to think of a new name that has “immortal” in it. When I finally got home after spending two hours in the mall. The next thing I did was to change my name.