Internship – First Day

Monday, 6th February 2017 

This Blog entry is a little bit different than the others because today im writing how my first day at my Internship was.

My Internship is in a Kindergarten and today was my first day. At first it was a little bit odd and I have two reasons:

  1. everything was so small and i was so tall, btw im not so tall.
  2. everything was a slide different as i had it in my head. You should know when i was a small kid i was in this Kindergarten where im doing my internship.

Beside this two reason why it felt odd, the internship was great.

I had to be there at 8am. When I arrived there I meet the three educator who was there for the day. We waited for all kids to arrived. After that we went upstairs and we build a circle and every child told my their name and how old their was. That was a little bit difficult for the most because the would say they’re seven years old but in reality they’re just three or four years old, that was kinda funny.

After the preliminary round all kids had to draw a house. When they finished drawing their houses we ate all together breakfast. And that was kinda disgusting for me. -I don’t want to detail that for you. You all can imagine how little kids eat-. When they finished eating one of the three educator showed me the kitchen, that wasn’t interesting at All.

When I went back to the room -they call the group Native Americans- I saw all kids playing, some were drawing, some were playing princess and some were playing trip to jerusalem. After that one of the educator decided that all kids had to tinker something that had to do with their carnival costume.

Lunch came after that. And Lunch was much more disgusting that the first time. It was so heard for me. Sitting between all this children a hearing and seeing how the eat. After the horror scenario all kids brushed their teeth and then the put their shoes and winter stuff on and we went all out.

I played with three kids. One little boy ever gave me a stone as gift and he made me a sand cake what a Chocolate cake accroding to him. That was so cute of him.

When  said to everyone by, the asked me do I have to lave and all of them hugged me, one boy almost cried because im leaving. I had to promis hm i would come tomorrow.

And that was my first day at my Interesting. I new it would be something different and and maybe funny but i never expected this.


Dream – Reality 

The last time when I sat in the bus driving home from school. I thought about dreams and realities

Is our reality just a dream?.


Is our dream just a reality?.

Most of the time when we dream of something it feels real.               Special situation just feel like your dream but it’s real.

How can we know when all of this is just a dream or reality. How?

Exam disaster 

Last Thursday on the 20th of October 2016. My school started at 9:50 am and my bus came at 9:00 am. First everything was great. I was a little bit nervous because on that day would write an exam. When I was finish with everything I went out and headed to my bus stop. My bus came 5 minutes late and that was just great because I missed my next bus which would drive me to school. So I went inside because it was frizzing outside. I couldn’t learn. *I tried to rech my teacher but he wouldn’t answer me. What I don’t get because he is always on his mobile phone*. I was so afraid that I would miss my bus AGAIN. After a while my bus came *hallelujah*. It was hard to concentrate in the bus. When I arrived at school it was an odd feeling –don’t ask me why-. Everybody in my class looked at me. I had only 1 hour to write that damn exam. Of course my teacher gave me more time. But the best part on that day was that I was sick and I had my period so yeah. After that 1 hour of writing my exam I just wanted to go home. But of course I missed my bus AGAIN. So I had to wait for 30 minutes for the first bus. And for the second bus I just had to wait for 45 minutes. That no big deal. And finally I arrived at home. One of the worst day ever.